SHUMATHY SPINNING MILLS PRIVATE LIMITED, has a complete range of state of the art spinning machinery including the latest generation from TRUETZSCHLER Blow Room line with VETAL SCAN CCD and TRUETZSCHLER TC5/3 Carding, RIETER- UNI LAP and RIETER-COMBERS,SaurerSchlafhorst (ZINSER) Speed Frame,LMW LR9 AX Auto Doffer Ring frames- INDIA PINTER(SPAIN) CORE YARN LYCRA ATTACHMENT. SAVIO POLAR AUTO CONER with USTER QUANTUM-3 CLEARER'S- Italy.

The latest generation of Blow Room lines connected to the cards with Chute Feed System, blow room, cards and combers fitted with an automatic continuous waste collection system, Auto Leveller Draw Frames and Spinning Frames. The mill is also equipped with a complete range of testing equipments.


As the quality of the cotton determines the quality of yarn.We, at Shumathy Spinning in take care to maintain consistently rich raw material mix throughout the year. Hence we procure the best quality of Shankar-6(contamination controlled) cotton from selected modernized ginning factories in Gujarat with whom we have an excellent business relationship for two decades.

Elimination of Contamination

To supply contamination well controlled yarns along with trained workers in blendomat area. We have installed VETAL SCAN Contamination with Poly Propylene sensors.

Blow Room

We have installed the latest TRUETZSCHLER Blendomat for gentle opening of tufts combined with continuous cotton storage into eight compartments for the perfect sandwich blending with the right aerodynamic principle provides excellent results. The Blow room machines are connected with continuous automatic waste evacuation system, safety systems like metal detectors, fire alarm and fire diversion.


We have installed TRUETZSCHLER TC5/3 Carding machines with long and short term AUTO LEVELLERS for better CV percentage. All Carding machines connected with continuous waste evacuation system for better removal of seed coat fragments,Trash and Micro dust. All the Carding machines are connected with safety systems like fire alarms and fire diversions.

UNILAP and Comber

We have installed RIETER UNILAP E5/3 and RIETER COMBERS E7/5A to ensure better short fibre removal, nep removal and to maintain consistent quality.

Draw Frame

We have installed LMW LD2 Breaker Drawframe and LRSB-851 with Digital AUTO LEVELLER Finisher Draw Frame to maintain high quality standards and the most consistent count stability.

Speed Frame [SaurerSchlafhorst(Zinser) Germany]

We have installed the latest SaurerSchlafhorst(Zinser) Germany 68i(16" lift) Speed Frames with TEXT PARTS Drafting System. The main feature of this machine is 4 Axis multi motor drive system which helps to control below 0.5% stretch.


We have installed the latest LR9 AX Ring Frames with Auto Doffer. This machine operates on 4QM drive drafting system which helps better spinning value and TPI can be changed electronically.

Lycra Attachment

We have installed the latest 'PINTER'(Spain) make Lycra core yarn spinning system in our ring frame to produce core spun yarns.


We have installed the latest model(2013-2014) AUTOCONER SAVIO-POLAR L with USTER QUANTUM-3 yarn clearer and SIRO with foreign fibre removal.

Yarn Conditioning

We have installed the latest ELGI WELKER yarn conditioning machine which helps less fly liberation, better yarn elongation, better weaving and knitting performance and softer fabric feel.

Wind Power

We have installed Wind Turbines of 2.5 MW capacity Which Covers about 60% of our mill's Total Power requirement.